Modular Calf Pens with Azobe Floor

Our free-standing calf pen system is designed for durable indoor use. It is composed of a hot-dip galvanized steel structure and 12 mm moisture-proof plywood, thus ensuring long life endurance. Our calf pen has also a waterproof floor made out of Azobe wood. It possesses a variety of connectors, which allow for easy installation of any combination of panels in virtually unlimited configurations. Additionally, it is of extremely steady structure which can be screwed down to a floor. Other features include height adjustable plastic bucket and calf pail with nipple assembly holders, a hay rack and a swing door for easy access. Our calf pen system meets the Animal Protection Act and Welfare Standards. It is designed to improve the animals’ hygienic and living conditions and helps to keep disease-susceptible young calves healthy. The calf pens can be standard with dimensions of 1 x 1,5 x 1,3 m, or made to your specifications.

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