Rotating 2-Brush-System for Cattle and Swine ESB-2

Rotating 2-brush system, like the previous brush, is designed for cattle's and swine's comfort. It provides animals with the best possible brush-massage, thus improving their welfare and resulting in increased milk production in cattle. The application of 2 brushes increases the range of brushed parts, keeping animals clean and healthy, while improving barn hygiene at the same time. Additionally, brushes move up and down adjusting themselves to animal's height. The brush is driven by a 370 watt electric motor, controlled by microprocessors. Microprocessors are responsible for adjustment of the brush's working time and the reversal of rotation, assuring a long service life of the brush.

Technical characteristics
140 cm39 cm122 cm
weight with engine130 kg
electric motor
electric power0,37 kW
voltage230 V
average rotation speed brush56
brush diameter39 cm

cow brush ESB-2 cow brush ESB-2 cow brush ESB-2 cow brush ESB-2

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