Portable Fodder and Concrete Mixers

We are engaged in the production of fodder and concrete mixers having capacities of 100, 150, 200 and 250 liters. Our mixers are made out of high quality materials, ensuring long term durability.

Technical DateM-100M-150M-200M-250
Electric Power0,55 kW1,1 kW1,1 kW1,5 kW
Voltage230 V400 V400 V400 V
Length1330 mm1600 mm1880 mm2010 mm
Width785 mm1070 mm1080 mm1220 mm
Height1260 mm1560 mm1540 mm1570 mm
Capacity100 dm3150 dm3200 dm3250 dm3

mixer M-100 mixer M-150 mixer M-200 mixer M-250

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